Comparing Online Play Formats

If you're interested in online play but don't know where to start, I've provided a detailed list of differences between cam sessions, custom videos, phone calls, and texting.

With so many different platforms and play formats to choose from, online play is popular for good reason amongst novice kinksters and seasoned player alike. Those same factors that make online play so appealing, however, can also be more than a little intimidating if you don't know where to start. 

Unfortunately, I can't tell you which online play format is the best fit for your needs: that's something you'll only be able to answer for yourself after plenty of experimentation and self-reflection. What I can tell you, however, is how cam sessions, custom clips, phone calls, and texting compare to each other.

Know Upfront:

  • The more I know before we start playing, the better. Clear communication about your interests, limits, and toy collection always helps both of us from the start, and knowing when you're working with time or budgetary constraints helps me quickly assess our immediate compatibility.

  • Some virtual play formats may not be a good fit for you. You might be drawn to the convenience of a custom video, only to find yourself wanting something more interactive. Keep exploring! There's no point in limiting yourself to a form of play you don't enjoy.

  • We may not be a good match. Maybe our availability doesn't align often enough for your needs, you don't like my play style, or the play format you prefer is out of your budget. Give another talented Mistress a shot!


On cam, we see, hear, and connect with each other in real time. When it comes to virtual play, there's nothing quite like it.


  • Mutual interactivity. You see my genuine reactions play out in real time as I watch you follow my instructions.

  • Undivided attention. Seeing and hearing each other in real time guarantees we both are fully present in the moment.


  • Privacy required. If your living situation makes privacy hard to come by, you'll likely find it much more convenient to order a custom video or play via text.

  • Pre-booking required. My schedule doesn't allow for same-day cam sessions, and I require at least 24 hours' notice to book.

  • No late-night bookings. I don't take late-night cam sessions, which makes scheduling much more difficult if you have a complicated work schedule or live in another country.

Rates and Payment:

  • Rates begin at $150 for 20 minutes. I don't offer discounts for longer bookings.

  • Much like a session at the dungeon, when you book a cam session, you're booking a block of my time. Our time together includes any tardiness on your part, negotiations prior to play, the actual play itself, and a bit of aftercare at the end if necessary.

  • Payment is due in full up front to confirm your booking.

  • I accept payment through two popular apps, select e-gift cards, and cryptocurrency.


  • 10 AM - 6 PM Central, Tuesday-Saturday.

  • 24 hours' notice required.



Though custom videos may not be as mutually interactive as other forms of online play, they're a popular choice for those with complicated schedules who prefer something visual.


  • A finished product. Your downloaded video can be replayed as often as you'd like.

  • Discreet payment. Sales are handled privately, just between the two of us. There's no third-party billing to hide and the finished product is sent directly to your email address.

  • Great for complicated schedules. If you have a hectic work schedule or personal life, commissioning a video to watch at your leisure is much easier than trying to find a window of time when two busy people have mutual availability for a phone call or cam session.


  • No mutual interactivity. Clips don't allow for the spontaneous back-and-forth between us found in other forms of virtual play.

  • No immediate gratification. Because of how labor-intensive it is to film and edit, I have a 3-4 week turnaround time for custom videos unless you pay a premium for rushed delivery.

  • Not always available with other performers. Though my content library includes plenty of clips shot with a variety of Dominants and submissives, the only participant I can ever truly guarantee for a clip is myself.

  • No detailed scripts. While of course your input is vital, I don't enjoy filming heavily scripted customs as they tend to stifle my natural creativity.

Rates and Payment:

  • Rates start at $400 for a 7-10 minute video with a 3-4 week turnaround time.

  • The final price is dependent on factors such as the subject matter, the complexity of certain props and wardrobe, special requests for personalization, etc.

  • Payment in full is due up front to confirm your order.

  • I accept payment through two popular apps, select e-gift cards, and cryptocurrency.

  • Exclusivity costs more. I'll likely resell your custom on my clip stores, though you're welcome to pay for exclusivity if you'd like your fantasy to remain for your eyes only.


  • I'm usually always available to add custom video orders to my queue.



There's something so intimate and personal about my voice in your ear.


  • NiteFlirt, which also offers a store for clips and audio files.

  • SextPanther, which also offers texting.


  • Intimacy. Hearing each other's voice and breath provides a special intimacy not found in text-based play.

  • Guaranteed availability. When my phone lines are on, I'm available. There's no need to question if you caught me at a good time or how long you'll have to wait for me to text back.

  • Convenient for complicated schedules. Those with complicated schedules and personal lives usually find it much easier to find enough privacy for a phone call than for a cam session.

  • Discreet and private. Your calls come to my phone from a private number, which keeps your personal information completely anonymous.


  • Irregular availability. I try to log on regularly, but it doesn't always happen if I have a busy day at the dungeon or I'm focused on other projects.
    - No late-night calls. I'm usually not available for late-night calls, which makes me much harder to get ahold of should your schedule not allow for calls until others in your household have fallen asleep.

  • No off-platform calls. I only take calls on NiteFlirt and SextPanther, so if you prefer calls on third-party apps, you're out of luck.

  • Potential connection difficulties. Though this doesn't happen regularly by any means, sometimes phone-based platforms experience connection difficulties, making it difficult for us to hear each other.


  • 10 AM - 6 PM Central when available, Tuesday-Saturday. 
- My availability is irregular and changes often! As much as I'd love to have a set schedule for taking calls, my availability on any given day depends on how busy I am at the dungeon and how many other projects I'm juggling.


  • Click here to get started on NiteFlirt!
  • No pre-booking necessary. NiteFlirt and SextPanther are both first-come, first-served platforms. If you see I'm available, give me a call before someone else calls first.
  • Formal bookings also available. If you'd like to guarantee my availability on a certain date and time, I'm happy to put you on my calendar for an additional tribute. Message me on your platform of choice to book.


Whether you're at home, at work, or somewhere in between, submit to me any time, anywhere.


  • SextPanther, which also offers phone calls.
  • I only text on SextPanther. I don't play on third-party apps like Kik or WhatsApp, and I don't play through DMs.


  • Written communication. Texting is a great option for those of you who express yourselves better through writing or who don't always have the privacy necessary for a phone call or cam session.
    - Convenient. We can play any time, anywhere. I've sent out kinky instructions while in line at the grocery store, while stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic, and on dreadfully boring first dates.
  • Discreet. SextPanther is app-based, so our true phone numbers remain anonymous.
  • Crypto-friendly. Worried about a paper trail on your banking statement? SextPanther lets you pay with cryptocurrency!


  • It’s not SMS-based. Our messages aren’t sent or received like actual texts, so to communicate with each other, we have to use either SextPanther’s app or their site itself.
  • Varied response time. Much like texts in my personal life, sometimes I reply within seconds and sometimes my replies take hours. 

  • Text can be misinterpreted. Jokes, sarcasm, and nuance don't always translate well over text. Just like texting in your personal life, sometimes a message can be misinterpreted by the recipient. 

  • I rarely initiate contact on my own. I typically don't start conversations on my own, even if we play frequently. This doesn't mean that I've forgotten about you or I'm not having fun-- it's just my way of respecting your boundaries. Not everyone has the freedom to text about kink whenever they want, and I don't want an unexpected text from yours truly to force you into a difficult conversation with a friend or loved one.


  • $2.50 per text sent. Texts from me are always free.
  • $5 per photo sent. When opened, photos from me start at $5.
  • $10 per audio sent. When opened, audio messages from me start at $10.

  • $15 per video sent. When opened, videos from me start at $15. 


  • 10 AM - 6 PM Central when available, Tuesday-Saturday.
  • My availability varies. I don't have set hours for sending or responding to texts. I recommend texting me whenever you want while knowing it may take me awhile to respond.

  • My response time varies. Much like with texts in my personal life, my response time often varies depending on what else is competing for my attention. It's not uncommon for folks to use texting as a casual way to keep in touch, so be sure to let me know if you're reaching out with a time-sensitive request for play.


- No pre-booking necessary. Just like regular texting, you can send me a text at any time... though, of course, my response time varies.

  • Formal bookings also available. If you'd like to guarantee my availability on a certain date and time, I'm happy to put you on my calendar for an additional tribute. Text me to book.


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