My Dungeon

Boasting well-equipped, themed play rooms with a distinct, detail-oriented aesthetic, my dungeon is truly my pride and joy.

Conveniently located in central Dallas, my dungeon is easily accessible from both the DNT and 75. Coming from out of town? I'm barely 15 minutes away from Dallas Love Field Airport.

A hot shower, fluffy towels, and variety of grooming products are available should you wish to freshen up after our time together.




Current Pieces:

bondage chair, cramped slave cage, full-sized cage and bondage table with suspension points, kneeling pillory, partial suspension frame, sling and frame, spanking bench

Under Construction: sling frame, tickle stocks, trample board

All padded furniture is upholstered in vinyl for an easy, sanitary clean-up.





ankle and wrist cuffs, chains, chastity cages, collars, duct tape, handcuffs, heel cuffs, humbler, leashes, medical wrap, mitts, nose hooks, packing tape, plastic wrap, posture collars, rope, sleep sacks, spreader bars, spreader bar stocks, thumbcuffs, zip ties


crushers, clothes pins, forceps, Kali's teeth, leashes, metal pins, parachute, rope, rubber bands, spiked crushers, stretchers, weights

Domestic Discipline:

bar soap, bath brushes, hair brushes, spatulas, wooden spoons


ErosTek 232, E-Stim Systems 2B, E-Stim Systems Remote, violet wand kit


ball, bit, dildo, harmonica, Humiliator, o-ring, spider

Gender Exploration:

accessories, blouses, boots, breast inserts, cosmetics, dresses, hats, high heels, jewelry, leggings, lingerie, pantyhose, skirts, shirts, shoes, wigs

Impact Play:

canes, cat o' nine tails, floggers, paddles, riding crops, rug beaters, singletails, sjambok, strap paddles, tawses, vampire gloves


buck hammer, cheek retractors, dental cleaning kit, enema bulbs, forceps, Jennings gag, medical wrap, molt gag, nasal clamps, nasal speculum, otoscope, pressure cuffs, speculums, stethoscopes, surgical retractors, Taylor hammer, thermometers, tongue depressors, Wartenberg wheel

Nipple Play:

alligator clamps, bead grabbers, clover clamps, clothes pins, crushers, forceps, magnets, metal pins, suckers, teeth clamps, tweezer clamps, vibrating clamps, weights

Sensory Deprivation and Overload:

blindfolds, distortion goggles, ear muffs, hoods, LED goggles, over-ear headphones


body-safe candles, Hitachi Magic Wand, hooks, ice, plugs, silicone toys, smother harness, The Handy

Sissy Training:

cosmetics, dresses, heel cuffs, high heels, lingerie, panties, petticoats, plugs, satin clothing, silicone toys, stockings, wigs


claws, combs, electric toothbrushes, feathers, makeup brushes, oil, pinwheels


Bop It!, hula hoop, Jenga, karaoke machine, lawn bowling, Lego, shuffleboard, Twister

For a more extensive look at my Gender Exploration and Sissy Training gear, click here.




My dungeon is well stocked with countless varieties of cleaning wipes/sprays and gallons of medical-grade sanitizer. Each room is equipped with its own air purifier with H13 HEPA filters. Protective barriers are always used on toys when appropriate and all metal implements are sterilized after use in my autoclave.


It's time for a visit.

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