On Same-Day Sessions

Mistress Petra Hunter
By Victor Von Goethe. December 2021.

Maybe you work long hours at the office and an important meeting was just rescheduled, freeing up your afternoon. Maybe your wife has no idea you're kinky and just agreed to a last-minute night out with friends. Maybe you landed in Dallas on a layover and your upcoming flight was just cancelled. You know it's short notice, but you'd hate yourself for not asking: “Is there any way you can squeeze me in for a session?” Whatever your reason, same-day sessions might truly be the best option for you-- I'd be lying if I said I didn't understand that. However, just because they're the best option for you doesn't mean they're the best option for me-- in fact, they're no longer an option for me at all. While I adored same-day sessions for most of my career, these days, your inability to book in advance makes us incompatible with each other. Below, I've detailed four reasons why.


1. Sessions require a lot of my time and energy.

A same-day request for a two-hour session might not seem like much of an inconvenience, but two hours for you is never two hours for me. Session preparation and clean-up can easily add another three hours or more to my workload, turning a two-hour booking into at least a five-hour commitment. Additionally, taking a session impacts what I'm able to do with the rest of my day once clean-up ends. I always experience some degree of fatigue and brain fog after play thanks to my Domme drop, and though it doesn't render me completely incapable of completing additional tasks after a session, I never have the same energy levels I otherwise would. By requesting a same-day session, you're asking me to change my plans to accommodate yours. If I've already set aside my day to tackle an important project I was supposed to finish months ago, taking your same-day session means that project probably won't get completed.


2. Just because I'm not booked doesn't mean I'm not working.

Unfortunately, most submissives underestimate what my job actually entails. Since they only see me at the dungeon, it's easy to assume that if I'm not there, I'm not working. Same-day sessions, therefore, should be pretty easy for me to accommodate. Assumptions like that are laughably far from the truth. Most of my time as a Dominatrix is actually spent hunched over my laptop, either working on projects related to my online domination work or tackling a never-ending mountain of administrative tasks like emails, spreadsheets, and website edits. I'm always behind on something since there's so much to be done, so I dedicate days I'm not at the dungeon to playing catch-up. Changing course to take your same-day session means I won't complete as much as I need to, and I'll fall even further behind as a result.


Mistress Petra Hunter
By Victor Von Goethe. December 2021.


3. I don't exist in a vacuum.

Most same-day requests come off as a little entitled, even if that's not your intention. Whether you realize it or not, your request for a session with just a few hours' notice implies your time is more valuable than mine. In addition to assuming I probably won't have plans of my own for the day, you expect any plans I do have to be far less important than your sudden availability. This tells me you don't view me as a busy professional with my own responsibilities, hobbies, and personal life-- instead, I'm merely a convenience. You're not interested in playing with me as much as you're interested in finding someone available, so if I won't let you book with just a few hours' notice, you'll happily find someone else who will. Frankly, that's a huge turnoff.


4. Same-day sessions hurt me in the long run.

For most of my career, I loved same-day sessions. I found it thrilling to drop everything I was doing and rush to the dungeon, sometimes with only an hour's notice. It didn't matter how busy I was that day, how many time-sensitive tasks I was behind on, or if I was still exhausted from a session the day before: if I could get to the dungeon, I would. I didn't realize it at the time, but many of my business decisions resulted in actively ignoring my own needs. Cramming as much into a day as I could was exhilarating, but it also resulted in frequent periods of intense burnout I struggled to bounce back from. I was an entire year into the pandemic before I realized burning the candle at both ends wasn't a sustainable business plan, and that my career longevity depended upon slowing down. So, I did. I established a 90-minute booking minimum, limited myself to no more than one session per day, and raised my rates. I stopped touring twice a month, and I also stopped taking same-day sessions. Such drastic changes weren't easy, but they were necessary. Sure, I make less money this way, but I feel so much better than I did before. As much as I miss the thrill of my old work habits, I care more about maintaining my career over time.


I'm only interested in playing with submissives who want what's in my best interests. If that's you, start by booking in advance.