Below I've listed excerpts from emails sent by submissives after our time together.

To keep my page clean, these reviews only span a few months at a time as opposed to the duration of my career.



C., Mar. 2022

“I was really nervous and scared at first, but you did a great job making me feel comfortable and relaxed. I knew as soon as I got home that I wanted another session in April. I've been exploring kinks for a while and love that I can play with a Professional.”


J., Mar. 2022 “It always feels so good to writhe as you hurt me, and looking into your eyes as you watched me was a wonderful experience – I love seeing you enjoy my pain and distress.”


M., Mar. 2022 “For most of my life I've fantasized about being tied up and tickled but never thought I'd actually experience it. Thank you, Mistress.”


T., Feb. 2022 “The rest of my weekend was a blur. My head was spinning. You wrecked me in every way I hoped for.”


H., Feb. 2022 “Your laughter still rings in my ears. It was so hot to watch you laugh at me.”



T., Jan. 2022

“So many emotions, it’s hard to describe what I’m feeling. But sub-drop is not among them. In fact, I almost want to do it again today. If for no other reason than to show you my ass. As far as I can tell, it is still a mess.

I do so love suffering for you.”


J., Jan. 2022

“How to describe last night? Amazing, incredible, mind-blowing, extremely disturbing, so much fun!!! And this morning, I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck in the best way possible. I feel tearful, giggly, distracted, bewildered, very wobbly and so so thankful for your time and attention last night.”


J., Jan. 2022

“I too had an incredible time. Each visit gets a little better. It was my Absolute Pleasure worshiping your perfect feet. A definite highlight for me for sure.”


J., Dec. 2021

“The best way to describe last night was like a dream (or possibly a nightmare!) - a lot of familiar and once-comforting elements mixed together in a confusing and disturbing way, with me tumbling through them feeling completely out of control.And you laughing at me for most of the journey, particularly when you knew you’d just found a weakness and could see how embarrassed and humiliated I was.”


T., Dec. 2021

“I loved your delightful little squeals when you were particularly pleased with a well placed swat the other day. Not typical domme behavior, but playful/endearing. It’s just not fun for me if you’re not having fun as well.

I can’t wait to see where this journey takes us. The twists, the turns, the stops along the way. I place myself in your capable hands, you are the ultimate tour guide.”


D., Dec. 2021

“As you could tell I thoroughly enjoyed Monday. You pushing my limits is always exhilarating but this time with the new toys, the single-tail whip, and being able to leave marks was fantastic. I could have stayed all night.”


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