Dungeon Protocol

From arrival instructions to your behavior in session, I've mapped out exactly what I expect from you at the dungeon.

You passed my screening and submitted your deposit. Now, here's what I expect from you before and during play.


  • The day before our session, you must confirm I can still expect you. I'll provide instructions for doing so.
  • Follow my confirmation instructions exactly as given.
  • ​Relevant appointment information, like my approximate address and parking details, will be provided upon your confirmation.
  • If you have questions or would like to get to know me better before our appointment, contact me via text, phone, or cam.

Grooming, Wardrobe, and Health:

  • ​Bathe properly before our time together. If necessary, give yourself an enema with warm water, not saline.
  • You're welcome to take a quick shower should you wish to freshen up upon arrival, though I won't permit you to arrive early to do so.
  • Dress in clean, everyday clothing. Avoid shirts with visible kink/fetish themes.
  • Avoid excessive amounts of hair gel or cologne.
  • Arrive sober. Avoid dulling your nerves with drugs or alcohol prior to play. For our mutual safety, arriving visibly intoxicated will result in your immediate dismissal without a refund. You won't be allowed to book with me again.
  • Reach out promptly to reschedule should you start to feel ill in the 48 hours leading up to our session. Arriving visibly unwell will result in your immediate dismissal without a refund. You won't be allowed to book with me again.

Arrivals and Formalities:

  • Follow my arrival instructions exactly as given to avoid drawing unwanted attention to either of us.
  • Expect excessive tardiness on your end to cut into our time together. I don't always have a schedule flexible enough to accommodate you if you're running late.
  • After parking, don't leave your vehicle until I've given you explicit permission to do so.
  • Upon entering my reception area, present the remainder of your tribute in a blank, unsealed envelope.
  • Outside shoes aren't allowed in my dungeon. Remove them while we exchange pleasantries.
  • You may use the bathroom or freshen up after we finish negotiating our scene.

Session Behavior:

  • Address me as Mistress or Ms. Hunter. When asked even simple questions, answer respectfully: "Yes, Mistress/Ms. Hunter/Ma'am" rather than "Yeah."
  • Never touch me or remove your collar, cuffs, etc. unless told to do so.
  • Communicate when necessary. Always tell me if your limbs grow uncomfortable in bondage, your collar is too tight, or if you need a break for water, a snack, or the bathroom.

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