5 Facts About My Play Style

To help you gauge our potential compatibility, I've detailed important aspects of my approach to BDSM. After all, just because we're both kinky doesn't mean we'll enjoy each other's company.

No matter how deeply you're attracted to me, how well our interests align, or how much you enjoy watching my videos, it doesn't guarantee we'll be a good match for each other at the dungeon. I've been an instant favorite for plenty of submissives, but I've been a disappointment for others. I'm not a good fit for everyone and I'm not interested in pretending I am.

Though the best way to truly gauge our compatibility is to play together at least once, below I've listed five things you should know about my play style.

1. It's about the journey, not the destination.

Every session is a journey for me from start to finish. I play off my whims, my decisions based upon our mutual interests, your hard limits, and the connection I feel between us. It's simple: I do what I want to you, when I want to do it.

In play, this means that sometimes I change activities frequently and sometimes I get so engrossed in whatever I'm doing, I'm immersed in the same activity for close to an hour-- even longer if heavy bondage is involved! It's not uncommon for me to think I know what I want to do to you next, only to have a spontaneous idea for something completely different. I adore the freedom that comes with being in charge!

As a result, I don't do well with scripted scenes or with folks who top from the bottom. I'm much better suited for submissives who embrace the unknown rather than those with a checklist of activities they insist be completed their own specific way.

2. Compatibility matters.

While of course I hope you enjoy your experience with me, I'm much more interested in whether or not I enjoy my experience with you. I'm picky about those I allow in my dungeon, as I'm no longer interested in one-sided experiences or merely going through the motions for a paycheck.

I'm most interested in playing with submissives who want to serve me because I'm me rather than because I had the most convenient availability or was the first to repond to their email.

3. I adore the psychological.

Adding even the smallest psychological element makes play so exciting for me! I love getting into your head, keeping you on your toes, and a good mind fuck. I live for moments where you ask yourself, in the immortal words of David Byrne, “Well, how did I get here?”

Some of my favorite ways to scramble your brain include sensory deprivation and overload, strategic use of mirrors, the background music I play, and the words I whisper into your ear. I love juxtaposition and giving otherwise vanilla, everyday things like games, music, and simple conversation a sadistic twist.

My all-time favorite way to incorporate a good mind fuck? I love using your personal favorites against you. You'll never hear your favorite song the same way again!

4. I hate feeling rushed.

I adore feeling connected with my submissives. When we're together, I want to savor our time from start to finish. This can't happen when I feel rushed. If you prioritize getting in and out of the dungeon as quickly as possible, we're not a good match.

Though I certainly don't expect everyone to have the desire or means to submit to me for four hours at a time, I stopped offering hour-long bookings because they often left me feeling unfulfilled. Adding an extra 30 minutes to my booking minimum made such a difference, but even 90-minute appointments can leave me feeling rushed these days. I recommend bookings of at least two hours and encourage you to try for three if possible.

5. I'm a person, not a character.

Many people understand what a Dominatrix is thanks to a series of stereotypes: we're stern and haughty, we bark orders, we make unreasonable demands... While I certainly embody parts of that stereotype every now and then, maintaining a larger-than-life dungeon persona sounds downright exhausting. I'm not interested in living up to someone else's idea of what a Dominatrix should be because I'm a person, not a character.

At the dungeon, I don't put on an act: you experience me in the moment as I truly am. Sometimes during play I'm quiet and focused, speaking only to give direction or check how you're doing. Sometimes I'm talkative, bubbling over with excitement, laughter, and bad jokes. I have days at the dungeon where I feel more strict than forgiving, much like I have days where I feel more sensual than sadistic. I have good days at the dungeon where I feel instantly centered and focused, and I have days where for the life of me, I can't understand why I feel so scattered.

If you have a firm idea of how a Mistress should behave, we're not a good match. If, on the other hand, you're interested in submitting to a Mistress who's truly living in the moment... well, what are you waiting for?

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