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Submit no matter the distance


Quality screen time

Physical distance won't stand in the way of your submission. No matter the miles between us, you're mine.

Platforms & Availability

For a detailed look at each type of play, read Comparing Online Play Formats.

Phone Calls: NiteFlirt | SextPanther

Texting: SextPanther

Webcam: Book Here

Those interested in a cam session must read my Webcam Protocol prior to booking.

Typical Availability: 10 AM – 6 PM Central Time, Tuesday-Saturday

Note: My availability for online play changes daily depending on my schedule at the dungeon and the projects that need my full attention.

Mistress Petra Hunter

Video Library

Digital works to collect or commission

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Commissions begin at $400

My dungeon, your screen

Watch me in action through my catalog of over 550 BDSM and fetish videos. Collect your favorites or, for a more personal touch, commission one of your own.


Your submission as told through my lens

When it comes to my videos, there's nothing quite like watching me in something created specifically for you.

Custom videos begin at $400 for a finished product with the following features:

  • Length: 7-10 minutes
  • Resolution: 1080p FHD
  • Delivery: 3-4 weeks

Longer videos, different resolutions, and expedited delivery options are available.

Payment is due in full to place your order. Additional details will be provided via email after I receive your request.

More Information

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you play on additional platforms?

No. SextPanther and NiteFlirt are the only platforms I use for texting and phone calls. If you're ever approached to play elsewhere, then you're not talking with me, you're talking with a scammer.

How often do you release new videos?

I'm currently releasing new videos every other day. Members of my OnlyFans, LoyalFans, and JustForFans are able to watch trailers for my new releases three days before the videos hit my clip stores, with the option to purchase at a discounted rate.

Are your videos available on a membership site?

Yes! In addition to the benefits listed above, members of my LoyalFans and JustForFans are able to stream hundreds of videos filmed from 2017 onward.

What type of online play is best for me?

Truthfully, I can't tell you that. Each variety of online play has its benefits, and it may take some experimentation before you learn what suits you best. Don't be afraid of the journey!

Is it okay if I just want to talk?

Absolutely! It's a common misconception that online platforms are strictly for play. As someone who loves building connections with others, I'm always happy to use virtual platforms to lend an ear, dish out advice, trade stories, or simply get to know you.